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MONTHLY NUGGET: How to Tie a Bowtie

A self bowtie expresses your personality. No one ties any knot the same. The finished product becomes an extension of your persona. Wear it in good health.

Step 1

1. Start with end in right hand extending 1" below that in left hand. 2. Cross the longer end over the short end then pass it back and up through the loop making a loose overhand knot. Tighten the knot so it fits snugly around your neck

Step 2

3. Fold the lower hanging end up and to the left. Make sure the unfolded end is hanging down over the front of the bow. 4. Pull the bow ends forward and gently squeeze them together, forming an opening behind them. Now, turn to the right and notice the opening you have created.

Step 3

5. With your left thumb or forefinger, push the middle part of the tie with your finger through the opening from left to right, taking care not to let the end of the tie pass all the way through the opening. Use your right hand to help pull the back loop. 6. Your bow tie will be uneven at this point. Pull the loop ends to tighten the bow. This is where your personal touch comes in. You can make a small knot or large knot. To take your bow tie off, simply pull the straight ends.